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Copyright by Juliane Otterbach 2003

PORNOGRAPHICS is a series of flickbooks that depicts graphic scenes from sexual or violent internet films in a new format. Films with often extreme visual content were chosen and downloaded from websites accessible to everyone, and successive stills of the main action were then traced on a white background. The result is a series of stark, simple and striking black outlines, which, viewed in sequence, create vivid moving images, whether of a girl stripping, a woman masturbating, or a sado-masochist scene. The challenge in creating these flickbooks was to transform scenes that would have been deemed by many as vulgar in their internet format into a more acceptable, designed and sensual form – a precious object in its own right –. The project illustrates just how vastly the translation of visual content from one medium to another can alter a viewer's perception.

Due to their success in the bookshops number 1 and 8 of the series have been reprinted in an edition of 500. They are available separately whilst the series is only being sold as a complete set of which each copy is hand-crafted and signed.